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Mediation in a Post-Covid World

When disputes arise regarding family law issues, many people prefer to avoid addressing their personal family matters in a court room. For those parties that want more control over the process and the outcome, and a less litigious and acrimonious process, mediation may be a good option. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic which…

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Can a Coparent Stop the Kids from Playing Sports?

Most parents are their children’s biggest cheerleaders, supporting their kids from the stands or the sidelines.  However, for divorced parents, getting their children to the games is not always so simple. Often, there are disagreements regarding youth sports and activities which usually focus on who will pay and how. In some cases, however, the disagreement…

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Talking the Talk with Dr. Phil Levy About the Importance of Communication

Communication, by definition, is both “a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior” and “a personal rapport.” It is a means of imparting information, and a coded system understood between two parties. In short, communication is about hearing and being heard, imparting and receiving, listening…

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The Debate Over Equal Parenting Time Presumptions

The standard parenting agreement, even one where parents have technical joint custody, often ends with one parent carrying a greater share of the emotional, logistical, and physical responsibilities. That parent is usually the primary residential parent – the one who must plan meals and handle laundry, and ensure the children make it to school most…

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Dealing with Debts in Your Divorce

When a couple divorces, both parties are often more focused on the division of their assets and properties than they are on the division of their debts. However, the ways marital debts are divided could have a long-term impact on a person’s future plans for retirement, business ownership, educating children, and more. A high-level view…

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Self-Care After Divorce: Talking with Dr. Elizabeth Cohen

Recently, divorce attorney and host Evan Schein invited Dr. Elizabeth Cohen back to the Schein On podcast to discuss her new book. In her book Light on the Other Side of Divorce, Dr. Cohen talks about the benefits of finding the little pleasures in post-divorce life. In their conversation, Evan and Dr. Cohen touched on…

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