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Summer Co-Parenting Tips: How to Prevent Your Children From Getting Burned

co parenting summer

With school out of session and family routines up in the air, navigating the complexities of co-parenting can prove to be challenging for divorcing couples. Achieving smooth sailing this season is possible with thoughtful planning in advance, transparency, and a shared commitment to prioritizing the children’s needs above all.

Early planning is essential. Both parents should clearly set forth their intended summer activities for the children, including proposed travel itineraries, as far in advance as possible. Having clarity and managing any areas of disagreement from the outset is the best way to reduce potential conflict and minimize confusion for the entire family.

Free-flowing communication is crucial, especially as summer plans tend to involve less structure and more spontaneity. Be sure to effectively keep one another informed when changes arise. Whether it’s via text message or maintaining organization in a co-parenting app, keep your spouse updated as soon as possible. It is incumbent upon both parents to be respectful of not encroaching on the other’s designated time and to be flexible when unforeseen shifts to plans occur.

Remember that maintaining your child’s routine between households is still important during the summer months. Keeping consistency is key in promoting stability for children all season long.

With a collaborative goal of making sure the children have happy, peaceful summers, you and your spouse can absolutely foster a memorable recess even during this transitional place in your relationship. If challenges should heat up, engage your mediator or attorney for purposes of resolution right away so as to minimize disruption for the family.

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