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Jacqueline Newman Talks Compliments and Difficult Clients


What is the most difficult type of client to work with? What is your best advice for dealing with this type of client?

The most difficult type of client to work with are those that are so angry at their spouse that they are unable to see how that anger and their reaction to that anger is hurtful to their children and ultimately to their case. I talk a lot to the clients that are having that experience and attempt to make them understand how the anger they are currently feeling is temporary, while the effects of this anger can be permanent. I joke with clients that “I am their most expensive therapist.” I also advise clients (in a less joking manner) that if they continue to involve the children in their anger, they should factor in the cost of lifetime therapy bills for their children and themselves when calculating the cost of their divorce.

What compliment do you hear most from your clientele? How have you earned it?

The compliment I receive most from my clients is that I am very attentive and responsive to them and that they know that I truly care about them, their families and how their case concludes.

Most people who come into my office have seen other lawyers as well and do many initial consultations to see who is the best fit for their case (which I highly recommend doing). I find that clients will comment how my initial advice may differ from others as I will recommend looking at different ways of approaching a case rather than simply filing a summons for divorce and running to Court. Sometimes, fighting it out in Court may need to happen – but it is not my initial gut reaction.

Many of my clients have very complex finances and therefore appreciate my “thinking outside the box” approach. I respect the fact that my clients are not looking to have a third party judge make decisions for them that effect the aspects of their lives that mean the most to them – their family and their finances.

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