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5 Tips for Researching a Divorce Attorney


If you are searching for an attorney to represent you in your divorce, you may be overwhelmed by choices and tempted to choose someone without doing enough research. However, before you select the wrong counsel and suffer the consequences of inadequate representation, review the following tips:

  1. Talk to someone you trust. Divorce is a common enough aspect of American life as to make it highly likely you know one person, at least, who has gone through it. Ask about his or her attorney, find out if the outcome was satisfactory and then get a referral.
  2. Read the attorney’s website. Once you’ve pinpointed a lawyer, read his or her website thoroughly. Does the attorney offer alternatives to going to court, such as mediation? If you are facing a situation where sizable assets are involved, does the lawyer discuss experience with high net-worth cases? An attorney’s website should provide considerable insight into who you would be working with, including his or her personality.
  3. Look for the attorney’s firm in the media. Search for mentions of the attorney in connection with other divorce cases by Googling the firm’s name. See what cases he or she has been associated with, how the lawyer comes across in the press, and other relevant data. If available, this information could make it very clear whether you’d want this person representing you.
  4. Check the lawyer’s practice areas. Chances are that a firm where the lawyer practices everything from criminal law to personal injury to divorce will not offer the same depth of experience as one where divorce and divorce-related matters are the sole focus.
  5. Choose an attorney who is local. A New York City attorney will not only be convenient if you are living in one of the five boroughs, but should also have in-depth knowledge of the courts, judges, and other divorce attorneys in the New York divorce court system.

Of course, the best way to select a divorce lawyer is to schedule a consultation. Talk through the specifics of your case face-to-face to determine whether the attorney is the right one for you.