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Making Plans for Your Children


Creating a workable parenting plan is frequently a divisive aspect of any divorce proceeding. Few people are at their best during a divorce proceeding and the real best interests of children can be lost in the fray.

Required by the State of New York, parenting plans are agreements that flesh out details of a custodial arrangement. Focused exclusively on family and divorce law in the greater New York City area, our firm has extensive experience with the processes and problems attendant to developing parenting plans that work for parents — and children. Consider these points:

  • Divorce is about dissolution of family structure. Parenting plans aim to return and provide structure to a reformed family unit.
  • As with divorce issues, especially child custody, the tone of a parenting plan is informed by the attitude of the two parents charged with developing and carrying out the plan.
  • The best parenting plans address the unique lifestyle and personalities of the family and children involved. Detail is good but reflecting the tone and goals of parenting in your family is vital.

Parenting plans are developed through negotiation, mediation, collaboration — or litigation.

Children are forever but sometimes marriage is not. When you need to make plans, seek experienced legal advice creating the agreement that is right for your family.