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Overexposed: Social Media Mistakes During Divorce


Social media is everywhere. Pictures, messages and notifications are constantly being electronically communicated without a second thought. That is why understanding the effect of social media on the potential outcome of your divorce is important.

Two years ago, the American Association of Matrimonial Lawyers posted results of a survey noting 81 percent of members acknowledged an increase in production of divorce evidence from social networking sites during the last five years. Since that time, the use of salacious, incriminating or suggestive electronic communications in divorce proceedings has only increased.

Social media is an unforgiving medium. An unfortunate picture or misplaced statement can be used against a party in divorce court or as leverage in financial settlement or custody discussions. Even with experienced legal help, regrettable electronic comments, boasts or threats can diminish your standing in a high-conflict divorce.

With that in mind, consider the following points:

  • Comments: Do not discuss your spouse or divorce experience on social media.
  • Pictures: Stay out of suggestive scenes, be careful what you post and inform friends not to tag photographs without talking to you.
  • Friends: Be sure Friends are real friends. Do not make derogatory remarks about others or financially revealing comments. Regardless of the sometimes lengthy process of divorce, do not be tempted to take your frustrations online.

Social media can be a good support during divorce — or a hindrance. Watch what you post and talk to us if you get the wrong kind of exposure.