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Divorce: A Time for Support


A good deal of literature addresses the short- and long-term impact of divorce on children. Given the vulnerability of children, the need for good research to guide us after divorce is important. But what about adults?

Finding information about the effect of divorce on children, men and women is not difficult. Many books and websites offer insight into the emotional, financial and environmental issues faced by divorcing adults, including:

  • Situational stress, depression and anxiety that arrives with divorce and sometimes stays
  • Even with wealth, the standard of living is often reduced after divorce, especially for women
  • Although divorce is common, at midlife and older, divorced individuals must work harder to rebuild a positive social environment without their spouse

Common advice for adults is counseling, either to save a marriage, or deal with divorce if the marriage breaks down. While counseling is invaluable as a personal resource, good legal advice and representation is as essential during divorce.

Marriage is a legal institution that requires a civil process to create or dissolve. We are highly experienced divorce attorneys in New York who understand each person and family is different, and your needs during divorce — and after — will vary. To a great extent, pivotal legal decisions made during divorce dictate your quality of life for decades to come.

Divorce is a very personal legal process. If you are considering divorce, get high quality legal and personal support to minimize the negative impact and maximize your long-term happiness.