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Your Divorce is Final. Now What?


Some divorces drag on for months or years. However, even the most contentious of splits reaches a conclusion. When you and your ex are finished with all the details and your divorce is final, you may find yourself reeling emotionally, filled with regret and sadness. Even an uncontested divorce can leave you in a depressed state, unsure of what to do next and how to go about it.

Some things you can do to make your transition to post-divorce life a little easier include the following:

  • Seek out the help of a professional counselor. After your divorce, you might feel mired in the past. At times like this, professional help can provide you with the guidance you need to hurdle the emotional issues that are plaguing you and holding you back. While you can seek out help from a psychiatrist or psychologist or a support group may also provide advice and a shoulder to lean on during this period.
  • Do not be afraid to talk about what you have gone through. Professional counseling can help, but so can friends and family who can provide a sympathetic ear. You need to vent and feel comfortable while doing so. Bottling up your emotions can be unhealthy psychologically and physically.
  • Move forward. It may be difficult to stay in the moment and not dwell on what went wrong, but that is what you need to do.