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Be Wise and Hire a Local Attorney for Your New York Divorce


Divorce is often a stressful event and emotions often run high. During this difficult time, you may need a buffer between you and your spouse. An experienced lawyer can help you to put emotions aside and make the best choices for yourself and your family while aggressively protecting your rights.

State law governs divorce, and a local attorney who is familiar with your area is the best choice of representation in most cases.

Some reasons to seek out local attorneys include the following:

  • The offices of a local lawyer will be accessible to you which will allow you to meet frequently with your attorney.
  • Local lawyers are familiar with courtroom rules, regulations and procedures. They often have an established and mutually respectful relationship with court staff. Your lawyer will be able to easily inform you about any specific local rules that affect your divorce proceeding.
  • Your lawyer will be familiar with valuation of assets in your area.
  • Local lawyers, who have a familiarity with opposing counsel and with local judges, can put you in a better position to strategize for your case. The manner in which issues were handled in the past will be familiar to your attorney as will knowledge of behavior of counsel representing your spouse.

The experienced attorneys at our law firm are always ready to assist New York City clients in their family law and divorce matters. Please feel free to contact us today.