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Can My Travel Time Impact My Child Custody Arrangement?

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As a parent, you likely have to travel for work from time to time. This can be difficult regarding custody arrangements, as your travel schedule might impact how much time you spend with your children. In this blog post, our child custody attorneys at Berkman Bottger Newman & Schein discuss how custody arrangements might be impacted based on the parent's travel schedule.

How Travel Impacts Time-Sharing Schedules

If you are a working parent who travels frequently, it is essential to understand how this can impact your custody arrangement. While there is no hard and fast rule, the court will generally look at the amount of time the non-traveling parent has with the children when deciding about custody. If the traveling parent's work schedule prevents them from having significant time with the children, this could impact the time-sharing schedule.

Considerations When Building a Time-Sharing Schedule

In every child custody case, the court will consider what is in the child's best interests when awarding custody. This can include the age of the children, each parent's ability to care for the children physically, each parent's work and travel schedules, and more. It is generally believed that younger children need more stability and routine in their lives. As such, the court may be more likely to award primary custody to the non-traveling parent in these cases. For older children, the court may be more likely to consider their wishes and whether they want to spend more time with the traveling parent.

Time-sharing schedules can be flexible when created, and families do not have to follow week-on, week-off custody. If both parents agree and it is in the child's best interests, time-sharing and custody exchanges can operate around the traveling parent's schedule. This can create a unique time-sharing agreement that works best for the child while still maintaining relationships with both parents. If you are a parent who travels for work, a trusted child custody attorney can help you advocate for a time-sharing schedule that works best for your family.

In Life, There Are Options. In Divorce, There Should Be Options Too.

If you are a working parent who travels frequently, it is essential to discuss your custody arrangement with a Berkman Bottger Newman & Schein experienced child custody attorney. We understand that your work travel schedule might impact your availability for time-sharing and are prepared to advocate for your best possible arrangement.

Are you a parent who travels and is seeking custody of your children? Schedule a consultation with one of our award-winning attorneys by calling us at (212) 466-6015.