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Joint Physical Custody: Is It Feasible?


Joint physical custody (a 50/50 access schedule) requires a high level of communication and logistical coordination between parents to be successful.

Joint physical custody works better for children in low conflict divorces, where parents are able to cooperate. It may be for this reason that only about ten percent of children from divorced families are living in joint physical custody. However, if you determine that this type of co-parenting is appropriate, here are some tips for success:

  • Remain objective and open to compromise to resolve conflicts without putting your children in the middle.
  • Communicate regularly with the other parent. This is key to making arrangements for your children and keeping all the details straight.
  • Be as consistent as possible in the care of your child to minimize outbursts when transitioning from one home to the other.
  • Treat the other parent with respect.

Respect boundaries by recognizing that as long as your child is not being harmed by a different parenting style or decision, there is no need to intervene. Even when parents are generally on the same page, they won’t do everything in exactly the same way.

Consulting an experienced New York divorce attorney is a step toward ensuring an optimal arrangement and resolution for your family.