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We understand that right now, many New Yorkers have urgent questions about their parenting and custody agreements and arrangements. Coronavirus and the subsequent restrictions imposed on movement have created a sense of uncertainty for many parents. The firm is currently open for business. We are also offering remote consultations via video chat and phone calls. We are here to answer your pressing questions about your custody arrangements during the coronavirus crisis, as well as to speak about any other family law and divorce issues you may have.

We want you to stay safe and healthy. If you wish to meet with an attorney remotely, we can accommodate that need. If you have questions, please contact us.

Earlier blogs have discussed the growing trend of couples deciding to divorce at midlife or older. Issues relative to stage of life attend any divorce. For example, younger couples have less pressing concerns about rebuilding wealth after divorce. But what steps can you take to protect yourself when you are moving toward retirement at the same time you are moving toward divorce?

Divorce after a long marriage is emotionally daunting. Good memories, family and years spent working to create a stable, high quality lifestyle have led you to a moment perhaps unforeseen —the end of your marriage. Our law firm focuses on complex and high asset divorce at any age. Reflect on these points when easing toward transition later in life:

  • Collaborate: You have everything to gain by working with your spouse to maintain financial security and retain the wealth you both already achieved. Despite potentially bitter feelings, your task is to create stability and firm ground to enjoy the rest of your life. Unless needed, litigation saps time, energy and financial resources.
  • Estate planning: Many high asset couples already have an estate plan in place. We provide skilled legal counsel to ensure the integrity of estate planning is maintained for the benefit of parties and their family as they work through asset division.
  • Aging: Senior tax benefits, social security, health insurance and housing are important points to consider during late life divorce.

When navigating divorce, seek experienced legal advice to make the most of your future by making the most of your hard-earned wealth.