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Year One of the Schein On Podcast Is in the Books!


November 2021 marked the one-year anniversary of the Schein On Podcast, and what a year it was! From our very first interview, we knew this was going to be something special. Since that day in November 2020, Season One has been filled with 28 episodes featuring some of the most interesting, respected, and entertaining experts in a wide variety of fields. Host Evan Schein and his guests have run the gamut when it comes to divorce, relationships, families, entertainment, finance, sports and business, and so much more.

We had a blast on Season One and Season Two promises to be something special. We want to highlight each of the featured guests from Season One, and invite you to catch up on any episodes you may have missed

Love Without Politics: Dr. Jeanne Safer. In the inaugural episode of the Schein On Podcast, Evan sat down with Dr. Jeanne Safer, author of I Love You, But I Hate Your Politics to talk about politically mixed marriages, and how to navigate relationships, dating, families, and conversations at the dinner table when your politics differ.

Nikki Bruno’s Epic Comeback. Episode 2 featured Nikki Bruno, a divorce empowerment coach and founder of the company The Epic Comeback, a program designed to help you get over your divorce before your divorce is over. Nikki and Evan talked about the program, her journey, and the importance of choosing happiness and progress.

Relationship and Success in Sports – and Life: Dr. Phil Levy. Episode 3 featured Dr. Phil Levy, a psychotherapist, couples’ therapist, management consultant, and author. He and Evan spoke about sports as a metaphor for life, and the importance of talking, listening, and other communication skills and styles. This episode also introduced us to a delightful story about a tongue in an ear, but you’ll have to listen to hear about it.

Helping Athletes with Financial and Mental Health. Episode 4 featured guest, Malcolm Lemmons, who is a professional athlete-turned-entrepreneur. He and Evan talked about his book, Impact Beyond the Game, as well as the importance of financial literacy, financial education, and mental health in sports.

Meet the Divorce Whisperer. Clinical Psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Cohen was the only repeat guest on the Schein On Podcast this year. She joined Evan in Episode 5 (and again in Episode 10 – Prescription of Hope: Divorce Doctor Elizabeth Cohen) to talk about her new book, Light on the Other Side of Divorce, as well as the importance of seeking and finding pleasure after your divorce. In her second guest appearance, Dr. Cohen and Evan spoke about the importance of self-care and having a team of support around you after your divorce. Divorce is a true team sport.

Emmy Award Winner Stephanie Haney. Stephanie Haney – Emmy winner, lawyer, digital anchor and legal analyst for WKYC-3 NBC Cleveland – joined Evan on Episode 6 to talk about dating and finding love during a pandemic, social media and celebrity divorces, and covering and delivering the news in 2021.

Dr. Chitra Raghavan: Advocate for Victims. Dr. Chitra Raghavan joined Evan Schein for Episode 7 to discuss coercive and financial control, a form of domestic abuse. They also discussed its warning signs, and how to address it with a Judge when requesting protection on a client’s behalf.

Meet NY's Modern Matchmaker. On Episode 8 of the Schein On Podcast, Evan sat down with NYC matchmaker Amy Van Doran, founder of the Modern Love Club, to talk dating during a pandemic: the trends, the “rules,” and the search for a deeper connection in a virtual world.

Looking Forward to Post-COVID Business. Episode 9 has two featured guests: Glenn Liebmann, a top business evaluator and forensic accountant, and Peter Brynickza, a leading Connecticut divorce attorney. Evan and his guests spoke about all things divorce and the impact of covid on “virtual” litigation, cross-examining witnesses, and conducting business evaluations.

Meet The 'Kickass Mom': Emma Johnson. Episode 11 had the best title, and an equally spectacular guest. Emma Johnson, the creator of Wealthy Single Mommy, spoke with Evan about the findings of the single mom income and time-sharing survey, the importance of equality in co-parenting, taking time for self-care, and how we can reduce the gender pay gap for single mothers.

When Sports, Business and Law Collide: Darren Heitner. The 12th Episode of the Schein On Podcast introduced us to Darren Heitner, a leading sports, entertainment and IP lawyer. Evan and Darren discussed the interplay between family law and sports matters, such as why athletes need prenups, what family lawyers need to know about the business side of sports, and the importance of having a team of advisors.

From Football to Finance: Wale Ogunleye. On this episode – lucky Episode #13 – former NFL athlete Wale Ogunleye, leader of the Athletes and Entertainers Strategic Client Segment at UBS Global Wealth Management, was the featured guest. He and Evan discussed the importance of financial literacy and financial planning early in a career, Wale’s path from the NFL to UBS, what athletes need to know about life off the field, and how athletes can avoid financial mistakes. 

Jessica Phillips: Still Betting on Broadway. Broadway actress Jessica Phillips (Dear Evan Hansen – running right now) was the featured guest for Episode 14 of the Schein On Podcast. She and Evan spoke about the show, how she relates to her character, COVID’s impact on theater, and finding love and happiness in a second marriage. You won’t want to miss this!

The Master Mediator: Susan Guthrie. The featured guest for Episode 15 was Susan Guthrie, a nationally recognized family law and mediation attorney. Evan and Susan discussed the benefits of mediating a divorce, some of the biggest myths and misconceptions about divorce mediation, the impact of technology on the future of mediation, and how high-conflict divorces can be mediated.

Jann Blackstone: A Bonus For Families. Dr. Jann Blackstone – co-parenting expert, author of Co-parenting through Separation and Divorce, and founder of Bonus Families – joined Evan for Episode 16 to discuss the complexities and challenges of parenting in a “bonus” family. They also talked about what Vice President Kamala Harris and six-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady have in common with so many families across the country.

Rehab Your Divorce: Wendy Sterling. Episode 17 of the Schein On Podcast featured divorce coach Wendy Sterling, founder of the Divorce Rehab. She and Evan pondered whether divorce could be a “gift,” and discussed how Wendy uses her own personal experience to empower and educate so many other people. On this episode, Wendy revealed her playbook for navigating life after divorce.

Rachel Greenwald: Matchmaking in a Post-Covid World. In Episode 18, nationally renowned matchmaker and author Rachel Greenwald joined Evan to talk about the keys to successful relationships, and why we are seeing more “gray divorces.” They also talk about why dating after a “gray divorce” can be so overwhelming, and Rachel’s post-divorce dating boot camps.

A Mentor For Parents: Susan Groner. Episode 19 introduced listeners to Sue Groner: author, parenting expert and the founder of The Parenting Mentor. She and Evan talked about how you can bring back the fun and joy – and much-needed sanity – to parenting, practical guidance about how to talk to your kids about divorce, and Sue’s book, Parenting with Sanity and Joy.

Riding Out the Rough Patches: Daphne de Marneffe. Psychologist and author (The Rough Patch: Marriage and the Art of Living Together) Daphne de Marneffe was the featured guest on Episode 20 of the Schein On Podcast. Evan and Daphne discussed what healthy conflict looks like, the rise in “gray divorces,” and how to stay out of the divorce attorney’s office.

'Conscious Uncoupling’ Author Katherine Woodward Thomas. On Episode 21, Evan sat down with featured guest Katherine Woodward Thomas, the creator of the infamous term “conscious uncoupling”, and a NY Times Bestselling author and licensed marriage and family therapist. Thomas told listeners about how her own life experiences allowed her to create a new kind of roadmap for couples who wish to separate or divorce in a healthier, kinder, and more respectful way.

Your ‘Worst Time’ or ‘Best Time’?: Divorce Coach Andrea Hipps. The 22nd Episode of the Schein On Podcast featured guest Andrea Hipps, a divorce coach and author of the bestselling book The Best Worst Time of Your Life. They discussed Hipps’ experiences with divorce, as well as tips to help you get through the transition period between married life and whatever adventure you choose to embark on next.

Catherine Sanderson and the Science of Happiness. On Episode 23, Evan was joined by Catherine Sanderson, Professor and Chair of Psychology at Amherst College, to talk about her book Positive Shift: Mastering Mindset to Improve Happiness, Health and Longevity. They also talk about the impact close relationships and marriages have on our happiness, and strategies we can use to find happiness.

A Data-Driven Divorce Solution. Evan Schein welcomed guests Catherine Shanahan and Karen Chellew, founders of My Divorce Solution, in Episode 24. They talked about turning financial chaos into financial clarity and addressed the concerns couples and individuals have when it comes to finances and divorce.

Karey O’Hara and the Science of Family. Featured guest Karey L. O'Hara is a psychologist, professor, and researcher who focuses on science-based interventions which can help children adjust to stressful events in their lives. On Episode 25, she and Evan discussed what the research shows regarding children, parental conflict, and mental health.

Studying Love: Dr. Helen Fisher. Dr. Helen Fisher, Chief Science Advisor to and author of multiple books, joined the Schein On Podcast for its official anniversary (Episode 26) episode to talk about everything from the brain chemistry that helps us fall in love to the way our personalities and mental health affect our relationships with one another and ourselves.

Dissecting Family Disruption: Prof. Jennie Brand. The 27th Episode featured UCLA professor of sociology and statistics Jennie Brand. She and Evan discussed how her renowned research and how her work is changing how we think about divorce, family disruption, education and other sociological factors.

87 is the New Happy: Katharine Esty Ph.D. Katharine Esty was the featured guest for the final Schein On Podcast episode of 2021. A psychologist, psychotherapist, and bestselling author of the book EightySomethings: A Practical Guide to Letting Go, Aging Well, and Finding Unexpected Happiness, On the Season One Finale, Katharine spoke with Evan about aging, finding happiness later in life, and what adult children should know about their parents as they age.

And there it is, folks! A year of insights, guidance, surprises, and laughter. If you missed any episode of the Schein On Podcast this year, we invite you to listen to them now. The Schein On Podcast is available on all major podcast platforms and is now on YouTube. Season Two is already off to a great start and we cannot wait for the year ahead.

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