Jacqueline Newman on the Bezos Divorce

Some divorces – not many, but some – are more than just family dissolutions. When one party holds total or partial control over a powerful business, and that business was formed during the marriage, the stakes become similar to a large-scale corporate takeover. Such is the case in the Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos divorce.

Jacqueline Newman, our managing partner, has been assisting high net-worth clients, including CEOs and their spouses, in their New York divorces for years. She spoke with Yahoo! Finance, Fox Business, and Inside Edition to answer a few of the burning questions people have about the Bezos divorce, including:

  • Does Jeff Bezos have any defense against his soon-to-ex’s claim for one-half of total marital assets, including all his Amazon stock?
  • Is this thing going to get ugly, or is it more likely to settle quickly?
  • Does it matter, legally or emotionally, that Jeff Bezos was apparently having an affair with his friend’s wife?
  • Should Amazon shareholders be worried?

You can watch Jacqueline’s Yahoo! Finance interview¬†at this link, her Fox Business interview¬†here, and her talk with Inside Edition¬†on YouTube here.

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