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Litigation. Collaborative Law. Mediation.

What Makes Our Firm Different?


Just as every marriage is unique, so is each divorce.  The degree of conflict, the types of issues couples must address, their finances, and their children’s needs all vary greatly.  At Berkman Bottger Newman & Schein LLP, we are the only firm in New York City that has attorneys that specialize in collaborative law, mediation and litigation.  Our attorneys believe our versatility is one of the greatest advantages we offer couples going through divorce.

Collaborative law

Collaborative law is an innovative approach to divorce that provides great flexibility.  It works best when couples are able to communicate and willingly work toward resolutions.  Conducted through informal sessions, you commit to working with your collaborative law attorneys outside of court.  Parties and their attorneys will sign an agreement that states that neither party will initiate court action while in the process and if the process breaks down and the parties do end up in Court, neither party may use the same collaborative attorneys they previously used for their litigation.   The collaborative atmosphere is one of mutual respect and cooperation, where you can also have access to other professionals.  Financial and business consultants or child specialists may engage in the process and offer innovative ideas to help resolve complex issues.


Through an impartial third party, called a mediator, you and your spouse participate in informal sessions where you address divorce issues and work toward a settlement.  The mediator helps you consider your options without evaluating or taking sides.  Similar to collaborative law, you and your spouse may arrive at your own decisions about financial and practical family matters involving your children.  You are still encouraged to consult an attorney for legal advice while in the mediation process.


Our attorneys are experienced trial lawyers who can effectively guide you through the litigation process  and provide you with zealous representation.  Our attorneys are skilled in conducting discovery, retaining evaluators for appraisals or property valuations, and negotiating all issues that can be resolved before trial.  We provide strong advocacy in your case at trial and, if necessary, can handle appeals. Our skills, in-depth legal knowledge, and trial experience have helped our firm obtain successful outcomes for numerous clients and establish a noteworthy reputation among the judiciary and our professional peers.

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