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We understand that right now, many New Yorkers have urgent questions about their parenting and custody agreements and arrangements. Coronavirus and the subsequent restrictions imposed on movement have created a sense of uncertainty for many parents. The firm is currently open for business. We are also offering remote consultations via video chat and phone calls. We are here to answer your pressing questions about your custody arrangements during the coronavirus crisis, as well as to speak about any other family law and divorce issues you may have.

We want you to stay safe and healthy. If you wish to meet with an attorney remotely, we can accommodate that need. If you have questions, please contact us.

Whether your marriage has come to end suddenly or over the course of many years, the smartest decision you can make is to hire a skilled attorney. However, divorce is an emotionally trying event, and as such, knowing which lawyer is right for you can sometimes be difficult.

Even if you and your spouse are amicable towards each other and you plan on going through an uncontested divorce, you can benefit greatly from the guidance of experienced counsel. Listed below are some of things that are important to look for when choosing a divorce attorney:

  • Experience: Prior to retaining a lawyer, make sure he or she has substantial experience practicing matrimonial law in NY. A seasoned divorce attorney knows his or her way around the court room and can assist you in resolving your case as quickly and effectively as possible.
  • Tenacity: The majority of couples who wish to end the marriage do so through uncontested divorce. Yet every case is different and sometimes, things can get ugly. Thus, it is in your best interests to hire a lawyer who is understanding and sympathetic of your situation but also prepared to fight relentlessly on your behalf.
  • Knowledge: The law is not rigid — it is malleable and constantly changing. The attorney you choose must be abreast of changes to NY divorce law and also be able to explain the law to you in an easily accessible manner.
  • Rapport: It is important that you feel comfortable with the divorce lawyer you choose. You will be sharing personal information with him or her, so be sure you select an attorney with whom you can speak openly, without reservation or the fear of judgment.

The success of your divorce case rests on several factors, including the type of lawyer you choose to represent you. Before hiring a divorce attorney, take the time to research law firms in your area.