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How Long Must I Pay Spousal Support?

There are numerous circumstances under which a spousal support award in New York can be modified. Unless the parties have included different terms in their separation agreement or the court has specified otherwise in its decision, permanent spousal maintenance terminates when: Either party dies The recipient of the spousal support remarries The recipient cohabitates with…

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Taking the High Road in a Divorce

Although you cannot control the frustrating behavior of your spouse and his or her family, you can control your behavior and how you dealing with them. During the divorce, here are some things to remember: Resist the urge to make negative comments about your spouse and spouse’s family on social media. If your spouse and/or…

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Divorce: A Time for Support

A good deal of literature addresses the short- and long-term impact of divorce on children. Given the vulnerability of children, the need for good research to guide us after divorce is important. But what about adults? Finding information about the effect of divorce on children, men and women is not difficult. Many books and websites…

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