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How Do Parents in New York Create an Effective Plan to Help the Children after Divorce?

No single plan guarantees raising your children to lead perfect adult lives. Every parent occasionally resorts to everything from books and advice from friends to trial-and-error to handle the myriad of issues their children experience as they mature. However, divorce introduces a new set of issues into the family, issues that can be reduced or […]

Can Our Children Fare Better if We Use the Collaborative Divorce Process?

Just as the name implies, the collaborative process involves cooperation between parents seeking divorce. In many ways, parents form a new kind of partnership as they go through collaborative settlement negotiations. Children often feel less stress than they might in other types of divorce — the first of many benefits to your children of the […]

Joint Custody Can Be a Positive Experience for Children

Many parents worry that a joint physical custody arrangement will be too disruptive to a child’s life. Shuttling between homes, getting used to the rules and people in two different households and creating a social life around the location shift can be difficult. However, if you and your ex-spouse agree to cooperate and manage the […]

Children of Divorce

No one can claim that divorce is an easy experience that has no effect on children. However, the other extreme has been promoted for years, that divorce is devastating and has lifelong negative consequences. It turns out that this conventional thought may be just as extreme and inaccurate. Separating myth from reality In a recent […]


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