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Significant Changes to New York Alimony Laws Proposed

Divorce law, like other forms of law, does not remain stagnant. Over time, legislation is proposed that changes how divorce and its related issues —child support, visitation, asset division and such —should be handled. If you are considering a divorce, it is important that you and your attorney stay abreast of these changes. A change…

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How Long Must I Pay Spousal Support?

There are numerous circumstances under which a spousal support award in New York can be modified. Unless the parties have included different terms in their separation agreement or the court has specified otherwise in its decision, permanent spousal maintenance terminates when: Either party dies The recipient of the spousal support remarries The recipient cohabitates with…

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New York Spousal Support Changes under the No-Fault Divorce Law Enacted in 2010

When the New York legislature enacted no-fault divorce in 2010, it also provided new guidelines for temporary maintenance (spousal support or alimony). The guidelines established temporary spousal maintenance based on the spouses’ incomes and used a formula to determine amounts. For temporary spousal maintenance awards, a significant income disparity must exist between spouses. The spouse…

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