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How to Enforce Child Support Orders

Although obtaining orders from the court, or reaching an agreement with your spouse, is half the battle in divorce, your proceedings may not end there. Long after your divorce is finalized, you and your spouse may need to modify and enforce orders. When one parent refuses to obey a child support order, there are many […]

What Happens in Paternity Hearings

When parents are married, the mother’s husband is generally presumed to be the legal father of their children. But when the parents are unmarried or the mother, the man alleging to be the father, the child or a guardian disputes the assumption, paternity must be established. In New York, parents can voluntarily sign a form […]

How Do Parents in New York Create an Effective Plan to Help the Children after Divorce?

No single plan guarantees raising your children to lead perfect adult lives. Every parent occasionally resorts to everything from books and advice from friends to trial-and-error to handle the myriad of issues their children experience as they mature. However, divorce introduces a new set of issues into the family, issues that can be reduced or […]

Can Our Children Fare Better if We Use the Collaborative Divorce Process?

Just as the name implies, the collaborative process involves cooperation between parents seeking divorce. In many ways, parents form a new kind of partnership as they go through collaborative settlement negotiations. Children often feel less stress than they might in other types of divorce — the first of many benefits to your children of the […]

Do I Need a Financial Specialist to Help Secure a Good Divorce Settlement?

One of the largest challenges of ending a long-term marriage involves trying to figure out how to divide the property equitably. While financial decisions are always difficult, they become more complex for couples dividing high-asset estates and/or dealing with issues pertaining to family businesses or a host of other concerns. As a result, many experienced […]

How Can Social Media Affect My Divorce Settlement?

As of May 2013, 72 percent of online adults are involved with social networking sites. This percentage stays remarkably consistent, even when you break down groups of online users based on sex, age, education levels and a number of other categories. Unfortunately, since these popular sites are still in their relative infancy, many users do […]

Prenuptial Agreements Make Sense for Many Couples

Very few people want to consider the divorce settlement while planning a marriage. Yet, even though prenuptial (or ante nuptial) agreements do just that, they are a common part of marital planning when one prospective spouse needs to protect assets or a family business. However, many reasons besides high finances make drafting a prenuptial agreement […]

What Costs Can I Expect from a Divorce Litigated in the New York Courts?

When you choose to litigate your divorce in the NY courts (contested divorce), you can expect vastly higher costs than you would pay to negotiate the terms of your settlement (uncontested divorce). Just how much you may spend depends on many factors, but the biggest reason for high prices involves the degree of contentiousness in […]

Things to Consider When Choosing between Mediation and Collaborative Divorce

Most divorces are settled out of court, which makes sense when you consider the stress and expense of a typical courtroom battle. However, when spouses cannot agree within their marriage, they need a significant amount of assistance to come to agreement when negotiating the terms of their divorce. Several alternative dispute resolution methods can help […]

Will My Spouse Retain Rights to Part of My Employee Retirement Accounts after Divorce?

Employee retirement accounts can represent the largest asset for many married couples providing vital protection for the long-term future of both divorcing spouses. As such, they often become an important issue in a property division settlement in divorce. With occasional exceptions, spouses typically have rights to a portion of each other’s retirement funds, based on […]


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