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Jacqueline Newman Discusses the Interdisciplinary Model of Collaborative Divorce

Berkman, Bottger, Newman & Rodd are announced as "Law Firm of the Year" finalists

New York SmartCEO Announces the 2014 CPA & ESQ Awards Finalists 50 accountants and attorneys in New York to be recognized in SmartCEO’s CPA & ESQ Awards presented by Citibank New York, NY (June 3, 2014) — New York SmartCEO is pleased to announce the 2014 CPA & ESQ Awards finalists presented by Citibank. These […]

Social Media and the Law: Panacea or Pandora’s Box

In the latest wireLawyer video, Social Media and the Law: Panacea or Pandora’s Box, we talked with matrimonial attorney Jacqueline Newman and immigration attorney Steve Maggi about how social media can threaten the litigation process. Watch the video where they give examples of social media gone rogue, how it’s impacted the litigation process, and tips for your clients.

How Should Children Be Protected During Divorce?

Divorce can involve many difficult issues as spouses work to disentangle their lives.  It can get much more difficult when spouses are parents— as their lives will likely never be fully disentangled because they will have to continue to work together while co-parenting. There are many ways to protect children during and after divorce proceedings. […]

Jacqueline Newman Talks Compliments and Difficult Clients

What is the most difficult type of client to work with? What is your best advice for dealing with this type of client? The most difficult type of client to work with are those that are so angry at their spouse that they are unable to see how that anger and their reaction to that […]

Jacqueline Newman Talks Divorce Cases

Like snowflakes — no two divorce cases are alike because no two people are alike. Everyone comes with their own particular life history and therefore everyone experiences their relationships differently. One of the biggest problems in the divorce field is that judges have too much discretion when rendering legal decisions (the results of which do […]

What Happens to Your Business in Divorce?

In a high-asset divorce, all types of property may be involved, from the marital home, vacation home and other real estate to retirement and investment accounts. What many couples don’t initially realize is that their businesses may also be property that is subject to division in divorce. As an equitable distribution state, New York law […]

Can I Refuse to Pay Child Support If My Ex-Spouse Interferes with My Parenting Time?

When orders are issued in divorce and custody proceedings, they outline requirements that both parents must follow. When one parent violates the terms of an order or an agreement, it can be aggravating for the other parent who was acting responsibly. In this type of situation, it can be tempting for innocent parents to take […]

How to Choose a Divorce Mediator: Three Essential Tips

You are getting a divorce, and you and your spouse decide mediation is the best way to work out the details. Mediation is a great way to work together, with the help of a professional, as it facilitates communication and allows you to explore options. But choosing the wrong mediator can lead to a breakdown […]

How to Enforce Child Support Orders

Although obtaining orders from the court, or reaching an agreement with your spouse, is half the battle in divorce, your proceedings may not end there. Long after your divorce is finalized, you and your spouse may need to modify and enforce orders. When one parent refuses to obey a child support order, there are many […]


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