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EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT from Jacqueline Newman’s Bestseller “Soon to be Ex”

As you may have heard, Jacqueline Newman, managing partner here at Berkman Bottger Newman & Schein LLP and esteemed New York divorce professional, recently released a guide to the ins and outs of divorce, from when to file for it, to how to survive it: “Soon to be Ex: A Guide to Your Perfect Divorce & Relaunch.” We are very pleased to provide our blog readers with an exclusive, chapter-long excerpt from the book! Below, find Jacqueline’s guide to a topic many are vaguely aware of, but few know in depth, an obligation dreaded by monied spouses the world over, and fought over in nearly all high net-worth divorces: spousal support, aka, alimony. Enjoy, and pick up a copy at this link!

“Written by an expert matrimonial lawyer, Soon To Be Ex is a practical-minded “must-read” for anyone preparing to confront divorce proceedings. Chapters discuss how to discern whether one is ready for divorce; how to control one’s emotions and negotiate professionally; why judges don’t care whether your soon-to-be ex cheated on you; how to protect your kids, money, mental health, and pets; and much more. Soon To Be Ex is insightful, forthright, and highly recommended.”

-Midwest Book Review, August 2017 Issue of Small Press Bookwatch

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