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Coercive Control and the Legal Evolution of Domestic Abuse

The past few years have brought a cultural reckoning when it comes to problematic behaviors. The #MeToo movement may be the most well-known part of this reckoning, but it is not the only one. There have also been countless think-pieces about 80’s rom-coms and 90’s television shows, arguments for more women directors and women-led projects…

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Jennifer Grey’s Divorce Settlement Scores 100% on Her Dance Card

After announcing their decision to divorce this past July, actors Jennifer Grey and Clark Gregg’s divorce settlement recently became public – and notable. Grey, who famously played Baby in the iconic 1987 film Dirty Dancing, will retain 100 percent of her earnings and residuals from the movie, including those from its sequel, Dirty Dancing 2:…

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The Public Unraveling of a Marriage – Dr. Dre and Nicole Young

When Andre “Dr. Dre” Young and Nicole Young announced their divorce in late August this year, the focus of most reports was on the prenuptial agreement: did they have one? What would happen if they did not? Could Nicole Young take half of Dr. Dre’s reported portfolio worth $800 million? In the weeks since, the…

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The Challenges of Divorcing in the Public Eye

The best-selling Topps card of 2020 features a 79-year-old infectious disease expert who threw one of the wildest pitches in the history of baseball. The card was on sale for 24 hours, and set a company record: 51,512 cards. We may have needed this little bit of good news, in light of what is happening…

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Lessons Learned from High-Profile Divorces

On June 26, 2020, singer-turned-talk show host Kelly Clarkson won a Daytime Emmy for the Kelly Clarkson Show. That day, she sent two tweets: one thanking her crew, and one thanking Brandon Blackstock for believing in her. In the normal course of a day this might not seem like much, but Kelly Clarkson filed for…

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