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Jacqueline Newman’s book hits best seller list on Amazon


Soon-To-Be Ex

Soon To Be Ex: A Guide To Your Perfect Divorce & Relaunch
Jacqueline Newman decodes the divorce process and life realities to help women make smart decisions about kids, money, their own psychological well-being.

“Written by an expert matrimonial lawyer, Soon To Be Ex is a practical-minded “must-read” for anyone preparing to confront divorce proceedings. Chapters discuss how to discern whether one is ready for divorce; how to control one’s emotions and negotiate professionally; why judges don’t care whether your soon-to-be ex cheated on you; how to protect your kids, money, mental health, and pets; and much more. Soon To Be Ex is insightful, forthright, and highly recommended.” -Midwest Book Review, August 2017 issue of Small Press Bookwatch

Soon-To-Be Ex For Men

Soon-To-Be Ex For Men: Preserving Wealth, Fatherhood & Sanity During Divorce
Jacqueline Newman gives men wise and candid counsel on the rules and realities of divorce. Get ready for brutal honesty, sage advice, and true concern for your welfare as Jacqueline spells out the steps you must take in a marital split.


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